Staying Class Reunion

Staying Class Reunion

When the «staying class reunion» in Nakamuraya Ryokan...

Part 1...Easy to gather so close to Sapporo Station and Odori !!
No. 2...Since near the station, you can also participate slowly towards the participation day ★ 
Part 3...Local memories Those who grew up in Sapporo, who grew up in Hokkaido will bloom in the reminiscences of school trip ★★ 
Part 4...Also Arriving from Honshu, convenient with a single JR from the airport ★★★ 
If you are planning to class reunion, we look forward to something available convenient Nakamuraya inn.

Guidance of staying class reunion plan

And accommodation, banquet-course meal (with 2 hours all you can drink) is per person including tax ¥ 10800 with a set of in Japanese and Western. 
However, an overnight stay in the use of more than one room 3 persons, except the day before the Golden Week, Saturday rest. 
This plan is available until 2015 from March to June 2015.

● Benefits Part 1 
Secretary room offer a larger room is in, accepts a check-in from 13:00.

● Benefits Part 2 
If the start of the banquet is 17 o'clock before, 3 hours available at the usual two hours. (All you can drink up to 2 hours)

● Benefits Part 3 
After-party a bottle of whiskey or shochu for the service, it is also equipped with snacks.

Banquet hall also can correspond to any Japanese-style, Western-style, it responds to the consultation, such as a number of people and budget. 
Please contact the reception staff for more information.