Special Kaiseki Box Zen

A multi-course meals of Nakamuraya Ryokan will be delivered to your home or temple.

Auspicious occasion and such as longevity and betrothal, when they are Itonama and your Buddhist memorial service in your home, something hurriedly, such as support to our customers, but it is also often confused, things for the hospitality you want to smooth correspondence ....

To recommend to when such is the "special Kaiseki box Zen".

The contents of the special Kaiseki box Zen

"Special Kaiseki box Zen" is, in a 45cm square wooden box, Incorporating the cuisine of sticking with seasonal ingredients that were carefully selected by the four seasons to serving plate, it will be delivered to your designated location.

Recovery of catering and container also does not take time and effort will be carried out inn staff. 
Customers out of the serving staff is anxious, to it is also possible to serving on your own, post-clean up is easy.

Celebrations and such as childbirth and new construction marriage betrothal, birthday, opening three hundred fifty-seven Boys, sixtieth birthday, admission, available to your seat for your memorial service.

Dishes are available in the range of your budget of 6,000 yen to 10,000 yen excluding tax. 
It will propose a menu worthy of the gatherings, First please contact us.


Also available upon your order of Orizume for take-away, such as auspicious occasion, memorial service.

Orizume are available in the range of your budget of 2,500 yen to 5,000 yen plus tax. 
Since the container of Orizume I am afraid that I can not recover, please understand.

Gohanbutsu Other Shiromeshi, it is also possible to change to red rice and black rice. 
Red rice, black rice only of Orizume (800 yen + tax) are also available. 
Please tell us when you contact us for reservations.

Reservation of special Kaiseki box Zen Orizume

Reservation, thank you to up to 10 days in advance.

Delivery is available from more than 30,000 yen excluding tax.

In addition to your home, we will delivery also to the temples. In addition, the lending of the table for dinner is also available.

Sapporo city will be delivered free of charge. Please contact us for other districts.