Special Lunch and Catered

In Nakamuraya Ryokan, we have heard the catering, such as lunch, Orizume hors d'oeuvres tailored to the various conferences and your meeting. 
On your order or greater than the total amount of 10,000 yen, Sapporo city will be delivered free of charge. 
In addition, you can also your delivery at your visitors.

In addition to publication of the menu, because it is also possible to support in accordance with the budget, please contact us. 
Please order as soon as possible if the quantity is large.

◆ auspicious occasion and such as longevity and betrothal, when engaged in your Buddhist memorial service, such as your home, there is a "special Kaiseki box Zen" to deliver the dishes in special wooden box. For more information.preview.suite.booking.com / abcdefg / abcdefghij.htm "target =" _ self " > please visit this page.

※ The amount of the display is the current price February 1, 2015.

Special Lunch

Menu: Hydrangea 
Tax-included price: 1,100 yen 
Contents: Japanese lunchbox with rice and a variety of side dishes Container: paper, plastic container

Menu: lily of the valley 
Tax-included Price: 1,400 yen 
Description: is a staple lunch, including a grilled fish, cooked food Container: plastic container

Menu: Hamanasu 
Tax-included price: 1,600 yen 
Contents: will be two-stage heavy lunch container: plastic container

Menu: Kobushi
Tax-included price: 2,000 yen 
Contents: it will be three-stage heavy lunch container: plastic container

Menu: Dogwood 
Tax-included price: 3,000 yen 
Contents: will be two-stage heavy lunch container: plastic container

Beverages: Tea, 130 yen (280ml, Pet pottle) 
◆ recovery of the container is unable to do so, please understand. 

Special lunch (container will collected)

Menu: Akane 
Tax-included price: 1,100 yen 
It is lunch, which you choose from among the main side dish of the next menu 
Two.Fried shrimp 
Four.Fried Chicken 
Five.Ginger grilled ※ for the same of the addressee, I need your help by either you one of the menu

Menu: Sunflower 
Tax-included price: 1,400 yen

Menu: Kikyo
Tax-included price: 2,200 yen

◆ container of lunch which finished the meal will be recovered.

Hors d'oeuvre

Image of hors d'oeuvres is an example. 
At 5,400 yen - yen 12,960 (including tax), we will respond according to your budget. 
Plastic container or collection container