Sapporo Event Info

Sapporo Event Information

Easy to access from Nakamuraya Ryokan, we will introduce the annual event in Sapporo center. 
Since the holding period described are approximate, for more information please give me the reference of publicity due to the organizer.

Sapporo Lilac Festival
Holding period ... Mid May to late May

YOSAKOI Soran Festival
Holding period ... From early June to mid June
YOSAKOI Soran Festival was born after mixing "Naruko" of the Yosakoi festival of Shikoku, Kochi and folk song "Hokkaido folk" of Hokkaido. Various teams of youngsters and young men show off their performance, with Odori Park and other places in the city as the stage.

Hokkaido Jingu Shrine festival (Sapporo Festival)
Holding period ... From June 14 to June 16
More than 1,000 citizens participate in the "shrine transit" to be held on the 16th, wearing colorful costumes reminiscent of the picture scrolls of the Heian era, departing from Hokkaido Jingu in Maruyama, I will walk through. In addition, venue events and other events are held in Jingu Shrine, a lot of stalls are opened in the Nakajima Park and box office etc. is performed.

Holding period ... From early July to late August
It is the biggest jazz festival in Japan, with the concept of "Sapporo becomes a city of jazz".

PMF (Pacific Music Festival)
Holding period ... From mid July to early August
It is a classical music festival that cultivates young musicians around the world, so adults and children can enjoy it easily.

Sapporo Summer Festival
Holding period ... From mid-July to mid-August
About 1,3000 seats of the largest beer garden in the country, North Sea Bon dancing, Sapporo Bazaar etc. are held at Odori Park.

Hokkaido Marathon
Date of opening ... late August

Sapporo Autumn Fest
Holding period ... From mid September to late September
It is a celebration of food that gourmet Hokkaido, autumn taste gathers, with Odori Park as the venue.

Munich · Christmas City in Sapporo
Holding period: late November to late December
Sapporo and Munich are known as "the city of beer", and in 1972 (1972) it became a venue for the Winter Summer Olympic Games, and we also entered into a "sister city" alliance. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the tie-up, "Christmas City" will be held in Sapporo, you can also enjoy gourmets such as hot wine, beer, sausage and other merchandise and crafts such as Christmas cards and candles I will.

Sapporo White Illumination
Holding period: late November to mid-February
Illuminations that illuminate colors vividly, mainly at the Odori Park venue, are established as a scene of coloring Sapporo in the early winter, and are events familiar not only by Sapporo citizens but also by tourists. (Illumination of Odori Park is until late December)

Sapporo Snow Festival
Starting date ... February 5 - February 11
"Sapporo Snow Festival" where large and small snow images and ice statues lined up, mainly at Odori Park venue, is a worldwide event visited by many tourists from home and abroad.