Noon Chat Lunch

Noon Chat Lunch

While noisily ♪ ♪ chat in private, profitable lunch ♪ ♪ at the inn of the room. 

Japanese-style Enlightenment «chat noon your Zen» lunch at for accommodation is a popular plan that gotten support from female guests.

We accept your reservation in use more than two females like. 
Rooms to the guide you from 11 am, it can accommodate up to 3 pm at the longest. 
Support is also available in the banquet hall in the case of the gatherings of a large number of people.

Menu of Noon Chat Lunch

Mini Kaiseki: Yukizen 
Tax-included price: 3,240 yen

It will be mini kaiseki cuisine to offer each food in serving plate. We offer a menu according to the season.

Mini Kaiseki: Moon Zen 
Tax-included price: 2,160 yen 

It will be mini kaiseki cuisine to offer each food in serving plate. We offer a menu according to the season. The «chat noon your Zen» We are also recommended for the first time you use the customer.

Menu: birch 
Tax-included price: 2,160 yen

And the most popular menu "chicken Atsumori buckwheat" of lunch time, is the menu, which was to set a side dish of the inn recommended. Mini egg custard marked with.

Kaiseki lunch: Bamboo 
Tax-included price: 2,160 yen

Sashimi, tempura is Shokado lunch beginning with the menu.

Menu: flower car 
Tax-included price: 1,730 yen

Classic is a menu with dishes in the lunch box in the shape of the petals.

※ Depending on the season content is different

Other Menu

Menu: Children Zen 
Tax Price: 864 yen 

We will provide you when you visit with children. 
※ is a limited menu towards the elementary school or preschool children.

Menu: Egg custard 

Nakamuraya special «egg custard» is a popular item has been sold out only 1,000 each year as a side menu of New Year dishes.

We recommend to the plus-up of chat noon your Zen.

[Seasonal Limited] 
We offer a menu of the period limited by the season. 
Limited menu, we have from time to time posted on the information paper "Ontona". 
Please contact the reception staff at the time of booking for more information. 

Guidance on the use of chat noon Gozen

As for the kind of menu of dishes, we would like to order everyone same thing.

Because it is a plan to use your room for accommodation, in the case of full occupancy and that the available time is short, it may not be available until your reservation. Thank you for your note.

That there is no parking lot, If you are traveling by car, please use the nearby parking lot on your own.

But also available for gatherings of the like class reunion, at the time of use, etc. and study sessions and training sessions (various meetings such as the gathering of haiku poets, dressing guidance) circle activities in the rooms are separately charged the room charge we have.

In addition, you can not use the «chat noon your Zen» plan for the purpose of sale or solicitation of goods.

[Guidance about the use of in such group activities] 
Circle activities and business talk room charge ... 2,160 yen yen 12,960 in such (tax included) 
If those who are not dining is participation ... one person per 540 yen (tax included)

[Guidance about the use of children in the Child] 
Guests over the junior high school students (over 12 years), you will eat the same dishes as the adults. If a child in elementary school or preschool traveling with, thank you for your reservation of children Zen. Children under 1 year old are free of charge. Also, if you do not dine in traveling with children under 3 years of age, it will be charged 324 yen per person.