The relaxing comfortably stretched out hands and feet Japanese-style unique. 
Bed and weaker, is popular to your young children.

Each room is equipped with a bus bidet, but there is also 24-hour bathing possible «granite bath». 
Stretched out hands and feet even in the bath, ... not please heal the fatigue of travel

Dinner is served at the inn's unique «room diet». 
Offer time is ordered and from 5:00 pm to 8 pm.

Breakfast, we will offer at the first floor dining disposal from 7 am to 9 am.

Check in time is 3:00 pm, check-out is ordered and 10 am

If you come by car at the hotel guests, please call your voice from the stop in front of the entrance to the front. Ryokan staff will move your car. Price 1200 yen / night

Free Wi-Fi is available.

Hotel Accommodation plan

[1 night with two meals] plan....Dinner of the inn's unique «the room out» stick, Standard accommodation plan. 
[1 night with breakfast] plan...It is the accommodation plan with breakfast only. Arrival and of the slow time, available in the case of complete your dinner outside. 
[1 night with two meals] business plan...With a choice of set meal, it is the customers of the plan in the business.

[Guidance about the use of children in the Child] 
Accommodation in the direction of more than junior high school students (more than 12 years of age) will be equal to the adult rate. 
Please Contact us Rates in the direction of primary school children (less than 6 years of age or 12 years of age) and infants (less than 6 years).

※ The following rates of the guidance will be the amount of per person Except where noted otherwise. 
※ In addition, since the consumption tax equivalent (8%) not included, it will be charged separately. 
※ 2015 (2015) 2016 from November (2016) times the rate of up to 5 May. 
※ However, such as the Snow Festival period - Golden Week events at the time held, there are times when it becomes a different pricing. 
※ other, please contact the reception staff for further details of the accommodation fee.

[1 night with two meals] plan

Inn unique «room out» of your dinner stick Standard accommodation plan, charges differ depending on the contents of the room type and your dinner.

[1 night with breakfast] plan

Accommodation plan that only breakfast is set, charges differ by room type.

[Choice with a set meal] business plan

Convenient at the time of training and business trip in Sapporo, is the accommodation offer with dinner (set meal).

Room type become between 6 tatami mats, there is a limit to the number of rooms and dates that can be provided.

This plan is, because it is a plan to support the people of the available at the business, does not provide the accommodation in tourist and family. 
Thank you for your understanding.

※ set of children fee is not. 
※ dinner you can choose your one of a table d'hote menu, such as "Omakase set meal". 
※ provide time for your dinner is ordered and from 5:00 pm to 8 pm. 
※ such as use rates in the long-term stay, please contact the front desk staff.