How to Get to the Property

From New Chitose Airport:
about 40 minutes by Rapid Train from Airport Sta. to JR Sapporo Sta.
about 80 minutes by Airport Bus from Airport to JR Sapporo Sta.

From Sapporo Sta. South Exit (JR or subway):
about 10 minutes by walk
about 5 minutes by taxi

1. Arrival to Sapporo Station.

2. To the south exit of Sapporo Station.

3. Straight Sapporo Bahnhofstrasse.

4. If you turn right at the first one of the signal, Provincial Office is seen in the distance. 

5. Provincial Government sideways as it is straight.

6. Please turn left along the grounds of the provincial office. Provincial Office annex (brown building) is a user-friendly and over the side.

7. If you see the Marine Bank, we are almost there! 

8. Turn the corner of Mr. Marin bank to the right. 

9. Welcome to our Ryokan!