Nakamuraya Special "New Year Cuisine"

Thanks to Yuku year, with great desire to greet the year ... 
In Nakamuraya Ryokan We will offer a special "New Year" this year. 
Deliver and Receive will be December 31, New Year's Eve. 
(Expiration date is ordered and January 1, 2017)

Two-stage heavy New Year Cuisine "Fuku"

Rolled omelet, black beans, in addition to the chestnut, fish and shellfish, such as color well lined shrimp and abalone ... 
We deliver a menu appropriate to greet the New Year. 
Elegant seasoning that takes advantage of the taste of the material we have received a favorable reception every year. 
Two to three servings, including tax 16,200 yen

Hospitality mini New Year Cuisine "Kazeogi"

Itadakitaku taste the "New Year" to more customers, in the Nakamuraya Ryokan we also offer "mini-New Year". 
Nest of boxes of affordable size, you can use convenient to contact for one and the visitors of your living alone. 
One person, including tax 5,400 yen

Special Egg Custard

We received a good reputation as a side menu of New Year dishes. 
Sale will be three set or five set. 
3 pieces including tax 2,800 yen, 5 pieces including tax 4,600 yen

For delivery of goods

Any of the items, will be delivered and Receive New Year's Eve December 31, 2008. 
Payment will be cash on delivery at the time of delivery of goods.

If you are visitors, we will delivery the goods from 8 o'clock on the day morning.

For orders of more than 12000 yen per one place of shipping, also available delivery by hope. (Shipping is free) 
Delivery possible area, will be in Sapporo, Kita-Hiroshima-Ishikari Hanakawa district.

Please specify the delivery time can not be accepted.

(Expiration date of New Year dishes is ordered and January 1, none of the products 2017)