In Nakamuraya Ryokan, daily 11:30 to 14:00 between, we have carried out the lunch business.

Weekdays, we offer a weekly menu in limited quantities.

Cadel 2-7, such as the Fisheries Bill, Please use all means at the time of training and events in the neighborhood. 
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays also is open.

Please note: There is no non smoking seat.

Lunch Menu

[Weekdays] weekly lunch

Menu: Chicken Atsumori buckwheat 
Tax Price: 850 yen

Lunch is the most popular menu of time. 
The cold soba, will be served dipped in warm soup. Lunch time is also equipped with a Inari sushi.

Menu: Japanese set 
Tax-included price: 1,000 yen

Such as sashimi, grilled fish, deep-fried food, cooked food, 
This menu is recommended for when you want to take a well-balanced variety of side dishes.

Menu: curry rice with pork cutlet 
Tax Price: 900 yen

Among the volume boast of curry and rice, 
Curry rice with pork cutlet topped with pork cutlet may eat Gotae.

◆ In addition to the various set meal also, bowl thing, there is a curry and rice, noodle menu.